What are the benefits of buying or selling a home on auction?

Auctions provide a timely purchase and ensure no wasted time on a negotiation processThe process is transparent

Auctions provide a transparent process that provides a timely purchase and ensures no wasted time on negotiations.

Benefits for Sellers

No auction broker commission, which means the seller will receive more

Seller remains in control of the sale

This route is a fast sell and conclusion of sale

Fair market value through healthy competition of bidders

Marketing costs for the Seller’s account

Acceptance of offer by Seller within 3 days after offer received

Benefits for Buyers

One of the best ways to buy a property for a good price

Buyer/s can do their homework on price before the auction

Offers buyer/s an exclusive opportunity to buy the property

Property can be viewed prior to auction

15% plus Vat (10% commission, 5% towards deposit)

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