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4 Things to do when you sell your Gauteng home

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Gauteng property market
If you’re thinking about how to sell your Gauteng home, now’s a good time. It’s happened as predicted - the Gauteng property market is recovering. As revealed in the ABSA Homeowner Sentiment Survey for Q2 of 2019, now is a good time to sell your Gauteng home, as the study outlined moderate recovery for the Gauteng property market during the second half of the year. ABSA’s Homeowner Sentiment Survey for Q2 of 2019 revealed:

A moderate recovery in property market sentiment in Q2 2019. In the second quarter of 2019, overall sentiment regarding conditions in the South African residential property market showed a moderate recovery back to the level of the fourth quarter of 2018, after it was down in the first quarter of the year in the run-up to the general election in May and due to frequent and widespread electricity disruptions. Property market sentiment was in the second quarter also higher compared with the corresponding quarter in 2018.


Selling your Gauteng home
Buyer interest in picking up a good property deal in Gauteng is still piqued. There remains a keen interest in buying a Gauteng home, rather than renting one. In fact, positive sentiment relating to buying a Gauteng home increased from 68% to 73% during the second quarter of 2019, according to the ABSA Homeowner Sentiment Survey for Q2 of 2019. Surveyed interested buyers stated that their interest in purchasing property rested on property retaining or increasing its value and remains a good investment, and that paying off one’s own bond - rather than renting and paying off someone else’s - is a better financial decision. Moreover, as the Gauteng property is in recovery, there are still great bargains to find, and property prices are favourable for interested buyers at the moment. That means the Gauteng property market is clearly a buyers’ market at the moment, so if you’re looking to sell your Gauteng home, you’re sure to find interested buyers.

Get your Gauteng home ready for sale
Now that you’ve decided to sell your Gauteng home, it’s time to prepare your home for sale. Ultimately, you want to attract the right buyer, at the right price, and know that your much-loved property investment will go on to be loved by someone else. You’ll also want to ensure that the sale of your Gauteng home goes through swiftly, and that selling up won’t be as onerous as you might think. That’s why we’ve collated our top tips for selling your Gauteng home.

Preparing to sell your Gauteng home
The home you live in, and the home that will sell, are two wildly different things. The features and facilities that you may be most comfortable with, may not be the most attractive ones for interested buyers. Preparing to sell your Gauteng home should be a methodical process that kicks in long before you start looking for online advertising channels or an estate agent. To get your Gauteng home ready for selling, we suggest:

  • A good outdoor cleanup: Take a walk through your garden and outdoor living area, and assess how it looks for someone other than you. Rope in the help of a friend, if you like, and ask them how they’d improve your outdoor areas. Use this as an excuse to have friends over for a braai, and get their perspective on what’s most attractive, and what needs work, outdoors. Then, take action, by sprucing up your garden and fixing up your outdoor living area.
  • Declutter and deep clean: There’s never been a more important time to declutter and deep clean your Gauteng home, as you prepare to sell it. We’ve created this great guide to getting your home decluttered and deep cleaned, in just seven days.
  • One last thing: If there are areas of your home that need small fixes done, get them done. A broken window pane may not bug you, but it could make an interested buyer think twice about your selling price. If you haven’t painted the interior or exterior of your home in the past five years, it may be time to tackle that big job too. Remember: every small fault you fix now, and every big job you get done before you sell, will increase your chances of getting the selling price you’re looking for.

A buyers’ market
It’s a buyers’ market in Gauteng right now, so you’ll need to ensure that your home stands out for interested buyers. Selling your Gauteng home in a buyers’ market may seem onerous at first, but there are clever ways you can ensure you get the selling price you’re looking for. To make your property stand out, when compared to other properties like yours, and especially within your suburb, we recommend you:

  • Do your research: Take a good look at online listings for properties in your neighbourhood, that are similar to yours. Figure out what unique features your property has, when compared to similar properties, and focus on those in your advertising.
  • Get the right attention: There are many ways to make sure your property attracts the right type of buyer attention, so make sure your property advertising mechanisms work for your target market, and the type of buyer you’re looking to attract.

Get the right help
You’re keen to sell your Gauteng home, and you’d like to try and do it yourself, but you just don’t have the time and you’re not quite sure how to attract the buyer. That’s when you need to summon the services of the right estate agent for your needs. You could ask a friend or colleague for a recommendation, or you may know of someone reputable that serves your region. 

Market your property the right way
You’ve got the help you need, and you’re ready to sell your Gauteng home. Now, it’s all up to marketing and ensuring that you’re attracting the right type of buyer. Check in with your estate agent on their approach to selling your Gauteng home, and take an active interest in their efforts. Ask them about running a show day for your Gauteng home, and check up on how they’re advertising your property online. The more effort you put into selling your Gauteng home, the more quickly your home will be sold. Remember, however, that during 2019, estate agents revealed that it just takes - on average - just over 100 days to sell a home in Gauteng.