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Happiness lives close to your office

No commute, no problem

Spending precious time in traffic every day doesn’t just wear down your tyres - it wears down your soul too. Moreover, the more time you spend on the road, the higher your stress levels. You might have the best day at the office, but navigating the rush hour traffic on your way home could ruin your mood for the evening. But, by moving closer to the office and other important destinations, you can rest assured, knowing you’ll have the time and a calm mind, to truly enjoy your evening.

Mind over traffic

The feeling of being able to control your time is a central element for happiness and leading a contented life. By skipping out on a strenuous commute, you can skip those annoying early morning alarms, catch up to an hour’s extra sleep, and be a more relaxed version of yourself you like to be. A happier mindset naturally leads you towards being more productive when you’re at the office, and better equipped to manage the demands of your day.

Cut down on cars

Rushing between the office, and heading out for school pick-ups, play dates, shopping, and all the other errands that are part and parcel of having a family can be exhausting. Once you move closer to the office, schools, and other important destinations, life levels up a little. And, if it’s possible, you could even eliminate the need to be a two-car family. Living 5 minutes away from the office means you might be able to replace your daily car trip with a swift Uber trip, short walk, or a bicycle ride. Effectively, you’d be able to ditch one car and save oodles of cash along the way. You won’t just save on monthly instalments though: you’d also save on insurance, petrol, tyres, consumables and...you could convert one of your garages into a study or home office.

It’s good for the environment

Even if you don’t cut back on the number of cars your family uses every day, moving closer to where you need to be will cut back on your family’s carbon footprint. The average car emits just over 4 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. By driving less, or driving shorter distances every day, your family would be responsible for fewer carbon emissions.

You’re on trend

Choosing to live in a smaller home is currently on trend, in the realm of property and lifestyle choices. It’s not just a budget-based decision: living in an urban area often means you’ll pick a smaller than usual home, but your range of options will be far bigger. Apartment living doesn’t, of course, work for everyone, but it may be suitable for your lifestyle. Finding a secure apartment building that’s situated near your office, and works within your budget could be your next move in lifestyle improvement.

Clocking in

With the long drive to the office eliminated, and your stress levels simmering down, you’ll naturally become a more reliable, happier employee. Getting into the office on time and being relatively assured you won’t miss a meeting due to that terrible traffic, can make all the difference to your day.

Real life living

Choosing a home that’s closer to work and school will free up more time than you might think. Rather than catering for an extra hour wasted each way, every day, you’ll be skipping home before sunset, and score huge amounts of time for real life living. That’ll mean you’re making dinner and enjoying a relaxed evening, long before the long-commuters have even reached the freeway. All this free time could also mean picking up a new hobby, starting a different exercise routine, or simply having the time to enjoy that pile of books you’ve been meaning to read.

Choose your school

Picking the right school for your children should be a simple process of elimination, but if you don’t live in the right geographical school zone, you may have to make alternative plans. Moving closer to a particular school will help, not only when you’re going through the application process, but in the day-to-day of your child’s school life too.