First impressions are the best impressions.

Is that something you hear or read before? Is it one of those beliefs you have in your life? Well, then we have the right tips for you right here.

Our home is our source of joy, love, and sanctuary. That's why first impressions can leave a lasting impression on us. We build our homes with character and grit and so much of our hard work and personality goes into it.

Your home can leave a tremendous first impression on anyone who visits you. Would you like to see some amazing home designs that create a lasting impact on you? We compiled some beautiful designs right here to inspire your inner architect. Take a look at some of them and feel the joy and excitement build up. In this space, we answer a fun question on how your house can make a great first impression on people.

1. Modern architecture meets classy living spaces

416 Residence Renovation Kenchiku 2600 Architectural Design Services Single family home Concrete White

The first sight of this modern home design brings to mind natural lights and strong infrastructure. The wooden door and plants add a nice design to the home. First impressions are checked with high marks at this property. This classy and modern style will draw your eye time and time again.


2. Towering roofs and a sit out area for huge parties

Steel Framed Home Edge Design Studio Architects Modern houses

Get those Braai's going? This home design begs to invite neighbors, friends, and family. The great outdoors welcomes you to this towering landscape of a home. The first impression of your home is that it is gigantic. When you take a second look it has the best space to throw parties or private gatherings. Enjoy the sun with family and friends with this easy home design.


3. Square balconies and a funky designed window and entrance

2-Storey Residential Kenchiku 2600 Architectural Design Services Single family home

All modern architecture and home designs have one thing in common. They love to create a splash on any bland landscape. Do a double-take when you take a look at this home. The first impression you get is a two-storeyed building with a wonderful feathered window in the middle. An interesting vision of sunlit staircases and starry rooms meets the eye.


4. Gold chandelier glory with a roaring fireplace

Living Room Tailored Living Interiors Modern living room

Chestnuts by the fireplace and your hot chocolate dreams will come true in this truly beautiful living room. Once you walk into these quarters, the first impression is to dive into luxurious comfort and warmth. Feel the vibe and create your inner sanctuary exactly like this one.


5. Archways that welcome you to a pristine home of style and comfort

Black and White Hallway Design Ideas IONS DESIGN Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs Marble Black

This ancestral property can give anyone vibes of the movie "Alice in Wonderland". The chess patterned tiles on the floor and high archways make you feel like you are in a movie. This beautiful pearly white archway and huge sunlit room create a bright first impression on us.


6. A Home for people starting life's journey with an adventurous spirit

HouseStyler Bungalows

With flat roofs and a curiously patterned window on the first floor. This home design will keep your eyes peeled on the fun aspects it unveils. The windows, hanging garden flowers, sweet balcony, and a pathway to nirvana. First impressions are lasting ones and this home leaves a happy mark on all those who visit.


7. Palace vibes and well lit rooms against a starry sky

Magnificent Palace Exterior Design IONS DESIGN Classic style houses Stone White

This home quite literally takes your breath away. Pull your car up to the entrance and expect valet parking or a doorman. This home design is the best first impression we can ever unveil. It's set against a backdrop of a starry sky. Enjoy your home in all its palatial glory with this design.


8. Woods and Cabin vibes for a corner home design

residence for rohit G.L.A.D STUDIO Country house MDF Wood effect

Have you seen the home at the corner of the street? It has the most unusual and unique design. It reminds people of going to a spa in an exotic country. Build your home along these lines with picket fence balcony vibes and sunlit windows from ceiling to floor. First impressions checked your home a blessing to any landscape.


9. Open floor planning and a long dining table

MOHD - Mollura Home and Design Modern kitchen

One word for this beautiful home—space. The walls have a natural wood art design. The pattern of the wood is continued with a long dining table, center tables, and chairs. A wonderful roomy spaced living room that brings in welcoming vibes. Your friends or family will be in awe of the first impression your home creates with this design.



10. Living fountains and a garden fit for a king

Enchanting Architectural Design IONS DESIGN Villas Stone White

When you live in a palace, the best first impression is created before you even step foot into it. Focus on creating a breathtaking garden landscape design filled with a pool and plants you love. This highlights your home and frames it beautifully.


11. A getaway cabin that helps you nestle into relaxation and rest

Patagonia Log Homes - Arquitectos - Neuquén Single family home Wood Wood effect

This cabin by the river has everything you need and so much more. Rest, relaxation and rejuvenation are the themes of this home design. Create the first impression of your cabin home with this woodsy vision of delight.


12. Open patio and gazebo overlooking nature and wildlife

Kitchen Extension Conservatory on a Country Home Vale Garden Houses Classic style conservatory Wood Beige

When you have a garden landscape that is begging for one more big thing. Add in a gazebo of your dreams. Play it cool with this home design that is meant to be an escape from all things digital. Enjoy the sun or the rain with this look of your patio home. First impressions aside, this home is what dreams are meant to look like in reality.


13. A Brick tiled roof with a sweet garden landscape

3VG Teccon - JAVIER VIZOSO Single family home

Your home is your identity. You can build it and paint it with all the things you love. This beautiful home design stands out on a monotonous landscape because of its first impression. Charming and one-of-a-kind homes are goals for any homeowner. This home design is a brief respite from the demands of a busy life in the city.


14. Mountains, clean air and a home by a stream

Finnscania Blockhausfabrik Log cabin Wood Brown

Where do we sign up for a home like this one? This beautiful home not only created a lasting first impression but can be made into a painting. Living in the mountains, hiking up deer trails, and listening to living waters by the streams. This is what life is all about.


15. Hide and Seek at a wood cabin home

Patagonia Log Homes - Arquitectos - Neuquén Single family home Wood Brown

We have a soft corner for homes that blend so naturally into their environment that they create the best first impressions on us. This cabin-inspired home is a tale out of a storybook. Its fairytale vibe makes us want to rush in waiting for some magic to happen.


16. Pool side vibes and a private patio garden

MITKO DESIGN Single family home

Ever walk into your home and forget the world outside? This serene and tranquil setting nestled in your backyard will create a lasting impression on everyone. Build your home and walk away from the stress of everyday pressure and city life.


17. Wide roofs white picket fences with patio

SCHOß INGENIEUR GmbH Single family home

This home design gives you a reality of white picket fences surrounding rose bushes. The wide-ruled navy roof is in direct contrast to the egg-shell paint walls. The first impression you get of this lovely home is summer vibes filled with lemonade dreams and cake.


18. A walk to remember and a home with loving memories

Modern Farmstyle Home Venuï Architects Single family home Bricks Grey

Straight out of a romantic comedy, this home creates the first impression of romance. Set atop a backdrop of fragrant fruit trees and an orchard with a bright green garden landscape. A home like this is going to smell like baked goods and happy memories.


19. The House on the hill

Portfolio David Jenkins Design Ltd Single family home Tiles Red

Wide-open spaces and neatly trimmed plants in your garden landscape. This beautiful home is a peaceful interlude into paradise. Fill your senses with the great outdoors. The healthy green energy of this house on the hill is real. Build your home amidst nature where first impressions will leave a great impression on your family and friends alike.


Courtesy of Homify | Nurtured By Natalia



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