O-YES Properties | 8 Great kitchens with enchanting dining areas

8 Great kitchens with enchanting dining areas

We certainly don’t need to tell you about the multitude of benefits one enjoys with an open-plan kitchen and dining area. No more missing out on hot gossip from your seated guests; no more travelling back and forth down that hallway (or through another room) to transport items from kitchen cabinets to the dining table (and vice versa); and definitely a chance to exercise your interior-designer skills (doing an open-plan space comes with its own set of unique challenges and opportunities).

But today, we’re less about handing out tips and tricks and more about sitting back and enjoying some of the most spectacular designs here on homify. And as you might have guessed, kitchens with accompanying dining rooms/zones are the main topic! Who knows what designer ideas you might pick up from these 8 beauties…

1. Penthouse perfection

Kitchen 2MD Exclusive Italian Design Modern kitchen Wood White

Taking prime advantage of its indoor space is this super modern creation bathing in natural light and textured finishes. And there’s even a stylish and informal little working zone crafted into the timber-clad side of that kitchen island.

2. A glamorous vibe

Дизайн проект квартиры в современном стиле, Lear design studio Lear design studio Kitchen

No need to settle for a cosy, charming design style for your cooking/dining zone. If first-class finishes and graceful furnishings speak to you and your budget (and is practical to your lifestyle), then have at it!

3. Getting crafty with culinary corners

Kitchen, dining room and folding doors opening to garden Holloways of Ludlow Bespoke Kitchens & Cabinetry Modern kitchen Wood White

Just one look at the heart of this home and we can already see that the designers in charge had fun with this project. Why else would they have opted for that patterned wallpaper on the focal wall of the dining area? Or the expertly designed Scandinavian dining chairs? Or the clean-and-classy look of the modern kitchen cabinets?

4. (Lots of) Space mixed with (plenty of) style

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration Davonport Kitchen Wood

Of course what adds to this open-plan designs' spacious look is that high ceiling, but don't discount the creative touches scattered everywhere. Like that table island's commitment to storage; or the subtle curves of the furnishings and décor flowing from the kitchen to the dining area…


5. Fab finishings

Дизайн проект квартиры в современном стиле. Город Санкт-Петербург, Lear design studio Lear design studio Kitchen

A clever way of subconsciously linking up adjoining spaces is via identical/similar finishings. See how these two zones seamlessly flow together thanks to the wooden finishes of the table and countertops.

The contrasting lighting fixtures, on the other hand, serve to visually distinguish between the cooking- and dining spaces.

6. No table, no problem

The Arts and Crafts Kent Kitchen by deVOL deVOL Kitchens Industrial style kitchen Blue

No space left for a free-standing table with chairs? How about styling up a neat little dining zone at your generous kitchen island? Sure, it might not be the best idea for classy dinner parties, but it does provide a charming little perching spot for eating, working, studying, reading…

7. The creativity of colours


Leave it up to the wonderful colour wheel to separate (or merge) your cooking- and dining zones. See how these warm autumn tones style up the dining area's chairs while introducing pops of colour in the adjoining kitchen?

8. A clean colour palette

Wonderful in wood FRANCOIS MARAIS ARCHITECTS Modern dining room

Never discount the style potential of a neutral colour scheme. We just love the sandy tints coating up this generous culinary zone with various shades of browns and whites. A handful of accessories in a bright colour (such as turquoise in our example above) grab the viewer's attention without overthrowing the rest of the room's clean, subtle style.

Hint: Switch up those accessory colours depending on the season (i.e. cool blues and greens in summer, warmer reds and browns in autumn… ).

Courtesy of Homify - Johannes Van Graan



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