O-YES Properties | Maximise your outdoor space to enhance your enjoyment of your property

Maximise your outdoor space to enhance your enjoyment of your property

Outdoor areas have become the focus of attention as homeowners look for ways to optimise the new stay-at-home lifestyle.

The pandemic has precipitated a number of positive shifts, including a greater appreciation for intangibles which were often taken for granted.

Factors like health, family, security, and space have become the new luxuries of our time and our homes have, by extension, become one of the most outward expressions of these values.

In addition to enhancing the enjoyment of your home, optimising outdoor spaces will definitely increase the appeal of a home for potential buyers.

It’s really worth making the most of any outdoor space you have, whether it’s a large garden or just a small patio or balconyt.

Up your outdoor game

Here are some tips for creating outdoor spaces that will add value to your property and enhance the enjoyment of your home.

Heat up your patio

Instead of a conventional braai, a fire pit can turn an everyday patio into an inviting gathering spot. You can then add some comfortable furniture and functional items like a prep sink and a bar fridge.

Redo your deck

Deck boards come in all kinds of colours, styles, and materials including wood and cellular PVC. These planks are hard-wearing, virtually maintenance-free, and resistant to rot, stains and scratches. A wood deck offers a natural look and is cheaper to install than composite planks. However, wood decks need to be treated regularly to prevent cracking and fading.






Cleverly located lighting can transform any space which includes the outdoors. It also adds to safety and security measures at night. LED lights are becoming increasingly popular although they're more expensive than incandescent globes. In the long run, LEDs last longer and save money by using less electricity. Outdoor solar lights are also popular but be sure to buy the best quality you can afford.


A water feature can be a great focal point in any outdoor space. Rock column fountains made of fibreglass reinforced with concrete, are growing in popularity because they're easy to install and maintain. They are also safer with small children around as there's no stagnant water.

Many of the upgrades can be carried out by DIY enthusiasts, but if that isn’t your bag then it is always best to get the work done professionally to add value to your property.


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