O-YES Properties | Newsletter: Week 3, April 2021

Newsletter: Week 3, April 2021

It is quite common for the trustees and directors of Sectional Title and other community housing schemes to want to change the Conduct Rules of their schemes in pursuit of a harmonious and co-operative atmosphere between residents.....
The 9 Elements of Interior Design
If we think of Interior Design we immediately think of creativity in overload paired with talent and flair of the designer. Hardly ever do we consider the scientific elements that play a role in the success of design.
Ways to attract tenants in the current market
The South African rental market is suffering and is reflecting negative growth for the first time in over eight years according to the PayProp Rental Index annual review for 2020. Landlords will need to 
It’s all about the average
Less is more for discerning retirees who place a premium on quality of life
Lock-up-and-go living is no longer just for the young and trendy. There’s a growing demand for easy living among South Africa’s 
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