O-YES Properties | October week 2 Newsletter

October week 2 Newsletter

Dealing with outdated conduct rules? Here's how to create ST rules that really work
A set of Conduct Rules that are modern, clear and specific. can go a long way for trustees that want to create a harmonious and co-operative atmosphere in their Sectional Title schemes. Read More
When deciding where you can channel your next investment, considering the property market is a step in the right direction.
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About 10% of all home sales in SA currently are “buy-to-let” purchases by investors who intend to rent their properties to tenants, 
With high-end style comes high-end budgets – at least, that is what most people still believe. Well, today we’re sharing the good news (again) that even budget
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Cheryl Redl  29 Sep 2020 | Kelly L
Cheryl was an absolute pleasure to work with. 
Dengo's input 30 Sep 2020 | Dengo N 
O-YES is very engaging with the client and   
Laura Lattanzio-Joubert 29 Sept 2020 | Ajay 
My rental property in Kyalami Estate has been the  Read More