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FREE Market estimate

Request a free market estimate from one of our Auction Brokers to discover the auction estimate for your property.

The advertising of the Sale or Reserve Pricing is generally at the Auction Broker's discretion. To agree on what the reserve pricing for a property will be, the Auction Broker will complete Comparative Market analyses and provide the seller with relevant market information to correctly identify a suitable reserve price for the property, before going to auction.
In terms of achieved pricing, auction sales often offer a more transparent and competitive environment compared to normal private treaty property sales. Auctions create a sense of urgency among buyers, leading to potentially higher bids as they compete to secure the property. Additionally, the open nature of auctions allows buyers to see each other's bids, fostering a competitive atmosphere that can drive prices up. On the other hand, private treaty sales involve negotiations between the buyer and seller, often behind closed doors. While this approach may allow for more flexibility and personalized negotiations, it can also lead to uncertainty about the true market value of the property. Overall, while both auction sales and private treaty sales can result in successful transactions, auctions typically offer a more transparent and competitive process that may lead to higher achieved pricing for the seller.